Desperation for God can bring a Demonstration of God.

 a0148-000362a    It’s high time that we get serious about grabbing on to more of God. Often it takes going through desperate times that bring us to a desire for more of God. Having a desire for more of God brings us to a determination for the things of God. Having a determination for the things of God brings us to a delight in God. Having a delight in God brings us to our destiny through God. Having a destiny through God makes you a demonstration for God.

Unfortunately, most often we stop our pursuit shortly after we stir up the desire never getting to a real determination that thrusts us to being a demonstration for God. Looking at the story in 2 Kings 13:17–19, we see Elisha trying to get King Joash to get to the point of being a demonstration in the hands of God.

God’s will was for the Israelites to have total and complete victory over its enemies. But the King was not focused or desperate enough. There wasn’t even much of a desire to be victorious. He showed his apathetical and complacent attitude when he just struck the ground nonchalantly.

Elisha was furious at the actions and attitude of the king. He declares to him how he should have been tenacious and aggressive in his attitude for victory.

How many times do we reveal our complacent heart or attitude to God and his people. Is it because we aren’t desperate enough or have no desire for victory in our lives?

  • Desperate times bring desire for God.
  • Desire for more of God works a determination for the things of God.
  • Determination for the things of God brings a discipline in the things of God
  • Discipline in the things of God lead us to delight in God.
  • Delight in God will bring forth our destiny through God
  • Destiny through God will become a demonstration for God to others.
  • Demonstration for God brings a victory.

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