A Lad with a Bag

brown bag

Can you picture in your mind God using a sack lunch that a mother made to meet the hunger of a multitude? Well, in John 6:8- 14, we read the story of the young lad who has five barley loaves and two small fish. When Jesus wanted to feed the multitude of five thousand people He used the lad’s lunch..

As I think and picture in my mind this extraordinary event I am humbled as a parent. Many times over the course of our children’s school journey I have made some lunches for them. So the question might be…were those lunches that I made worthy of the Son of God using them to touch the multitudes? That’s an Interesting thought?

I know the deeper message is not what the lunch was made of but, that it was something that God was able to use. Even so, scripture does make a notable mention of what the young lad had in his sack. It was a willing and surrendered heart that God was able to use. I strongly believe that the bread and fish were something made for him or given to him by his parent(s). So let me ask you , what are you giving your young person that they might give for God’s use?  Is it junk food, or snacks? It’s hard for me to visualize Jesus using and multiplying a Twinkie and Big Mac to touch many people.

As parents maybe we need to look at teaching our young people with that in Mind.  What are we giving to them that is profitable for God’s use. If we give them the things that are really eternally beneficial, such as, a desire to hear Jesus, the encouragement to seek the things of God,  the tools and supplies that will sustain them while there, and the willingness to use it for God’s use. Then and only then, I believe we are investing in our young people to be used by God to do great miracles that will touch many lives.

In other words, let’s send with our youth the things that they need to be used in God’s daily plan. God wants to use them in His miracles!

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