The Trash Can in the Corner!

IImagen my college dorm room my roommates and I had a garbage can in the corner. We would practice our shooting skills by taking consistent shots day after day. It became a game that we would play mimicking a championship basketball game. Who could get the trash in the can.

We learned to bank our trash off of the walls and into the can. We threw banana peels in it, lobed in handkerchiefs underhanded, school papers waded up and tossed with perfect arch filled the trash can.  We were getting so good we could throw our trash and garbage with our eyes closed and make it. All because we knew where the trash can was.

In like manner there are some people that everyone else knows that they are that open trash can in the corner. It’s a known fact that trash is always welcome. They are eager to invite any type of garbage you might have. The gossip about the innocent or the private mockery behind other peoples backs. These people are nothing more than human garbage receptacles.

One rap artist’s lyrics say, “Don’t tell me what was said about me… Tell me why were they so comfortable to say it to you”.   Think about it? They themselves think it’s a badge of honor but in all reality they are nothing more than a disgusting garbage can.

Why do people feel so comfortable coming to them with their garbage? Well, people are looking for a place to dump their trash and these people are more than willing to take it.  Why, you might ask? I believe in some sort of warped way they feel import carrying the trash of others. It empowers them to be able to have information about others whether good or bad.

They have defiled the very vessel God made them to be to become a container that is made for trash.

Let me ask you… do people tend to come to you to gossip and talk about others. Do you find yourself always in a conversation with people that are always degrading and talking down others?   If so it’s time to turn to God and ask him to change you!

Prov 20:19  Gossips can’t keep secrets, so never confide in blabbermouths.    (The Message)

Lev 19:16   “Don’t spread gossip and rumors.  (THE MESSAGE)

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