The Eye of the Tiger!

589218387The movie Braveheart chronicles Sir William Wallace’s fight against England’s oppression for Scotland’s freedom. It illustrates the heart of a warrior. Wallace’s grassroots army lined up for battle against the mocking English and Wallace inspired his army with a cry for freedom. It was a rallying call for justice. I don’t think I am alone in saying that I was stirred in the depths of my being. That scene made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Numbers 25:6-11 tells how Phinehas, the grandson of Aaron the priest, displayed this same fervor and passion for justice. When many were whoring themselves, he along with others was at the temple gate

When deteriorating circumstances are running rampant, they demand drastic and bold actions to combat vicious spreading of evil  (tweet)

crying out to the Lord. He ran to the offense and passionately thrust a javelin through the violating individuals. This bold, and what some might think seemed to be overly drastic, action was pronounced by God as righteous and stopped the destruction among the nation. It’s evident that Phinehas had a warrior’s heart. When he saw evil creeping in and overtaking his family, friends and Nation, he turned back God’s wrath against them. Scripture tells us that his actions were motivated with the zeal of God. He had the heart of God and it manifested through his attitude toward evil. When deteriorating circumstances are running rampant, they demand drastic and bold actions to combat viciously spreading evil.

Do you remember the scene in the classic movie “Rocky” where his coach tells the apathetical and lethargic boxer that he lost the eye of the tiger? The coach was referring to Rocky not having an attitude of a warrior. He had lost his focus and zeal for victory. It is only when we have the “eye of the tiger” that we become victorious in our spiritual battle as William Wallace and Phinehas were.

We must never allow ourselves to think that we are not in a spiritual battle. We must realize that spiritual warfare will be a big part of our Christian life. The passage in Deuteronomy 20 says we should not be afraid when we see the tactics and onslaught of the enemy. When we are overcome with fear we agree with the enemy’s portrayal of himself as

Through focusing on his God and His promises, David was able to stand strong and defeat the mocking giant.     (tweet)

mightier than our God. Verse three continues exhorting the children of Israel as they go into battle saying, “Do not let your heart faint, do not be afraid, and do not tremble or be terrified because of them; for the Lord your God is He who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.”

In 1 Sam17: it says that each day Israel’s army positioned itself for battle and when the Philistine giant mocked their God and threatened them, they trembled with fear. But, Goliath did not deter and embed fear in young David’s heart. Through focusing on his God and His promises, David was able to stand strong and defeat this mocking giant. His attitude reflected his confidence and zeal for God. The result of this young shepherd boy defeating this giant was that the whole nation was motivated with a confidence and attitude to win the victory that day.

Any time that we do not understand who we are in Christ and believe the enemy’s lies we will be defeated within ourselves. God wants His children to have an “eye of the tiger” or attitude of victory as they contend in spiritual warfare.

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