We Need the Good Stuff!

fresh water1

It was growing up in the mountains, that taught me how thirst quenching fresh water was after a long, hard day. The Spring thaw causes the snow water to roar down the mountain creek with thunderous sounds. The white water flows against the rocks and banks with such power and determination that it brings the water to a pure freshness. It’s good stuff!

People know when they taste the real thing verses some polluted water. In some places, you can hardly call the water refreshing. Jeremiah 18:14 says, Will a man leave the snow water of Lebanon, which comes from the rock of the field? Will the cold flowing waters be forsaken for strange waters?” In other words, will any person pass up the fresh crystal streams of Lebanon to drink from strange waters?

I remember when I was about 11-years-old, I went down behind my aunt’s house to a pond in the woods. It wasn’t until I jumped out of a small tree into the pond to catch a turtle that I realized pond water wasn’t as clean as the mountain streams I was used to.

The River of God brings life and revives whatever it touches. (tweet)

I was thrashing around in the muddy water trying to grab hold of the turtle. It was a wonder that I came up with its tail instead of the head, since it turned out to be a big snapping turtle. I will never forget my family’s expression when I came walking out of the woods covered from head to toe in stinky pond mud and the turtle in hand. I didn’t have time to smell how bad I stunk or how bad I looked because I was gloating in my victory. They immediately hosed me down to wash off the putrid smell of the pond.

If a pool of water doesn’t have a steady inlet and outlet, the water will sit there and turn stagnant. Water can go from being pure and fresh to being disease infested.

The River that comes from the throne of God is crystal clear, pure, and full of life. (tweet)

In parallel, it’s much like the rivers of refreshing in the outpouring of the Spirit. In Revelation 22:1 it says: “he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the lamb.” It is crystal clear, pure, and full of life. Bringing life and reviving whatever it touches.

Unfortunately, what starts so pure and revitalizing can often get off-track and end up becoming defiled and life threatening. I believe that is the cause of so much turmoil and mediocrity in our country. The church has turned from the pure river of God to drink from our own diluted and defiled twisted doctrines.

Jesus told the women at the well in Jn. 4:14, that if she drank of Him she would not thirst anymore and have a wellspring of eternal life flowing out of her. This woman had a twisted understanding of who Jesus was; she had been drinking from murky religion, like so many in America.

We are in need of another outpouring of the fresh pure river of God in our country. It has happened before, fresh, and pure rivers of awakenings have brought life back into dry believers, our churches and spread throughout our land. As you and I continue to press into Jesus we will drink of His thirst quenching living water. (Jn 7:37) It’s only through Jesus that we will begin to see a flood of Gods love flow again in our communities, cities and country.



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