Why Is Everyone So Easily Offended?

77104263It seems to be running rampant throughout our society. People are offended at the smallest things. These so called offences spawn acts of road rage, displaying public disagreements or setting up walls of isolation. All because someone did something that they don’t like. Their theme song could be “You did me wrong” song. These days’ people are so overly sensitive and tightly wound, that they are quick to take things personal and build walls between anyone that violates their small comfort zone.

In Proverbs 18:19 it says, “A brother offended is harder to win than a strong city”. Once individuals allow themselves to take the bait of offense they can become so emotionally closed that no one can penetrate the fortress they have erected. The picture that the scripture paints us is that of a walled city that closes its gates protecting all within from anything coming from the outside. The offended person closes himself or herself from anything or anyone that they think could bring inner hurt.

Those that are easily offended have some common characteristics in their lives. They live in a “rejection mentality” causing them to see everything that happens as a deliberate rejection focused on them.  They take things personal instead of realizing that it can be a general circumstance that just happens to include them. They are individuals that are easily triggered and tend to presume the “why” without seeking

The offended person closes himself or herself from anything or anyone that they think could bring inner hurt.  (tweet)

the facts of the bigger picture. You could say that they are selfish and self-centered individuals that are controlled by their personal feelings. They are limited from seeing the one that has offended them as maybe a person with their own unrevealed circumstances. The offended person can come across as “conflict focused”. They feel that everything is a battle not realizing the most significant battle goes on inside them. They are wounded and bruised emotionally reacting as a biting dog when anything threatens to cause them pain.

The turtle keeps himself safe from any danger that would try to come against it by pulling his head and feet back into its shell, which protects its vulnerable areas. The

Since we can’t escape from being faced with offenses then we must learn how not to be offended…Die To Self! (tweet)

person thinks they are protecting themselves but are actually hindering any healthy contact and interaction with others. Their hearts become closed, hard and un-moldable.

One of the signs that the Bible says that we are in the last days is that people will be easily offended and governed by an attitude of hate for others. (Matt. 24:10-11) It seems that the prophetic words of Jesus are becoming more of a reality everyday.

In Luke 17:1 it says, “It is impossible that no offenses should come…”. We can’t hide from the opportunity to be offended, for offences are all around us. The scripture lets us know that they will be around every turn in life’s journey. Therefore if we can’t escape from being faced with offenses then we must learn how to avoid them and have victory over them.

Jesus says in Mark 8:34 that if we are going to follow Him as disciples we must deny ourselves and pick up our cross. This means giving our selfish ambitions or maybe better said, laying our fleshly attitudes at the foot of the cross. Paul as a follower of Christ said in 1 Cor 15:31, “I die daily”. A dead man is not offended. When we are dead to our selfish ways and fleshly ambitions, then we will not be so easily offended by others. Therefore to have victory over offence we must die to ourselves.

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