There’s a Horse in the Sanctuary

597302599There’s a scene in the movie, “The Patriot” that fascinates me and helps me makes a point. The colony people are in the community chapel when the enemy commander comes busting in on a horse. A young bride of a patriot is there in the sanctuary trembling in fear as the commander intimidates and threatens them for being sympathetic towards the patriots. Once the rider finishes his threats and leaves, he orders his soldiers to chain the doors and burn down the chapel with the bride and others inside.

The “Bride of Christ” the church, has taken in and allowed a “Trojan Horse” into its sanctuary. Many have been deceived into thinking it was a gift to the body of Christ, all the while quietly and unnoticed it has bound us and released an onslaught of damage and death to many.

The “Trojan Horse” that I am talking about is the thought pattern that we must compromise our Biblical doctrine and beliefs under the disguise of being relevant. We have watered down and taken out the power of God in the church. We have been more concerned in seeker sensitive methodology then we have been with Holy Spirit sensitivity.

We have been more concerned in seeker sensitive methodology then we have been with Holy Spirit sensitivity.    (tweet)

In Gal 3:1-2, Paul passionately speaks to the Galatians to not let any deceiving things come in and lead them away. In Matt 24:3-7 Jesus Himself tells the disciples, that in the last days there will be deception running rampant in the earth and many will be deceived. Many in the body of Christ have been deceived into aggressively taking over the driver’s wheel of their church and decapitated Jesus as being the head, saying we have it under control.

Admittedly, we see flocks of people coming into the church but not necessarily the kingdom of God. Please don’t take me wrong, I’ am not saying that every church that has the method of winning the lost through being sensitive to the needs and concerns of the lost are wrong and fit into that same category. I think we should all be sensitive to the needs of the lost but not at the expense of expelling the Holy Spirit from our midst and services. Jesus was relevant but never did He deny the power of God. It’s only through the power of God that we can make any impact on our communities.

I do believe that many have jumped on the bandwagon with good intentions of bringing in the harvest of souls that have been turned off from the scandals and charades in the church. The church has brought on this epidemic of unbelief and doubt with the instability and impurity within. But we cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater. The water is dirty and needs to be purified but the baby is the whole reason we have life and hope.

We must set watchmen on the walls so not to allow this kind of behavior in the church. The watchmen are to keep any impurities from the church within and those from without. Jesus said in Lk 21:36, that we must be watchful and pray that nothing would trip us up causing us to be deceived.

The body of Christ needs to get serious about the purposes of God and sanctify itself of the horse in the sanctuary. It needs to become real and relevant without excommunicating the power of God. We need to seek God like never before and cry out for a fresh move of the power of God in the church.



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