Don’t Allow a Fall to Keep You Down!

590506608The scripture talks much about different individuals that have fallen and tripped along the journey of faith. In Prov 24:16 Solomon might have had his father in mind besides his own experience as he wrote, “The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again.” I think most honest believers would admit to a time or times that they have tripped and fallen during their race of righteousness. Yet, we will only lose if we don’t get back up.

Four years of preparation had now come to a close as he returned to the Olympics to defend his gold medal in the 10,000 meter race. Mo Farah of Great Britain had been diligent to push forward and discipline his body for this race. He had practiced and kept focus for these past years to continue at the top of the platform. A

Just because you have stumbled and even had a major mess up, it doesn’t mean your race is over      (tweet)

you know they don’t just give gold medals away for being nice and having good intentions. There’s a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into bringing the prize home! Even so, most of us will never understand the level of commitment and sacrifice that is put into being a world class athletic once, let alone a seconded consecutive time. All of this was in the mind of Mo as he waits for the starting shot to go off. The mental strain and voices from the crowd as well as that inner voice can become a runners biggest battle as the physical pain increases.

            Everything was going as a typical championship race. The crowded lanes, the different strategies being played out and the continual screams from the onlookers. Farah as well as his faithful friend and training partner, U.S. runner Galen Rupp,

It’s always easier to quit the race and not get up, but there’s no prize in that!     (tweet)

seemed to be moving forward in the crowded pack. Then in the 10th lap Farah’s foot hit Galen behind him causing him to fall. The announcers and the world looked on in horror as Farah tumbled to the track and like a gymnast he pops back up on his feet and continues to run. Determined not to stay down or make excuses he pushed on to win his second gold medal. What could have been a devastating mishap turned into a show of tremendous tenacity.

King David after the fallout of a personal failure and spiritual fall writes in Ps 37:24-25, “Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; For the Lord upholds him with His hand”. David is talking about the Godly person having their steps divinely ordered by God. He lets us know that just because he stumbles and even has a major mess up doesn’t mean it’s over. The king who had in his life some tremendous victories and mountain top experiences along with this disastrous fall, goes on saying, “I have been young, and now am old; Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken”. It’s like the father who runs and picks up their child after they have fallen down and helps them to continue on. In the same manner Ps 145:14 says our heavenly Father is there to pick us up and help us continue our race.

I know I am talking to many that have tried to rebound after tripping and making a mess of their lives. And even though it is never easy to get back up on your feet it is essential for you if we want to finish the race in victory. Paul exhorts us in Phil 3:13, to forget those condemning things behind us and press forward for the good things that God has for us.


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