Roll Up Your Sleeves and Fight Vultures!

imagesNot only is the story of Abram fighting vultures away from his sacrifices captivating in Gen 15, but also has helped me in my walk with the Lord over the years. It demonstrates that we have a responsibility to keep our commitments to God as living sacrifices. This story in brief shows God revealing His promise to Abram through a covenant that both agree upon. Also in Deut. 7:9 Moses shares about God’s covenant, “Therefore know that … God (is) faithful … who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments”.

Growing up we have all had childish promises and agreement as friends. Whether it’s a promise to be best friends forever or a promise to keep a secret we have experienced them. But, it’s not until we get older in our life’s journey that we really

Man has proven his inability to keep any agreement without God’s grace and empowerment.   (text)

understand how common covenants and promises between individuals have been throughout history. They were used for territories, peace treaties and passage rights through other lands. Today, we use them in our everyday lives, such as marriage, loans, jobs and etc. Even though most looked much different, all were based on the philosophy of a serious promise. They came with the agreement that if one side or both ever break the agreement it could bring severe consequences.

            In the scripture we see how God’s love for His people is portrayed through His unfolding of His purposes through the making of covenants to individuals through out the ages. Looking at the 9 covenants in scripture give us understanding that God who is the originator of His promises reveal that He is a covenant-making God. He has the right to set up the conditions in which man can enter into or maintain the covenant. He is also a covenant- keeping God. Once He makes covenant with us He will not forget it nor will He become negligent of it. Not only does He reveal, make and keep His covenants, but He is also the covenant- enabling God. He helps and empowers man to keep his part of the covenant.

But here is where we drop the ball at times. We wrongly interpret God’s great love towards us by including us in His promises as a reason to become apathetical and think it’s all sealed and guaranteed without us doing a single thing. Even though Abram had a promise from God and participated in the making of the covenant, he still had to keep the vultures away from robbing his sacrifice (Gen 15:11), which is our part.

Now let me be clear, concerning our salvation, Jesus was our once and for all sacrifice and has finished that work. It’s finished and secured and is by faith alone! But what I am speaking of today is being co-laborers with God in fulfilling His purposes in our lives on earth. Paul exhorts us in Heb. 6:11-15 to not be lazy but inherit God’s promises by following the example of Abraham whom endured and then obtained the promise.

Whether, it’s a personal promise from God to have a great family or to be financially successful, we must hold up our part of the agreement. We must walk in obedience to His word! Vultures will always come to steal your sacrifice and break your commitment, delaying or aborting your promise from God. Therefore, let us roll up our sleeves and keep the vultures away and see the fulfillment of the promises of God in our lives!

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