Seasons of Life will Mold Us and Grow Us!

647348213It was as if God took His pallet of bright oil colors and creatively painted on the canvas of the landscape. It was so breathtaking; the leaves were so bright and colorful. There’s nothing more beautiful than the changing of the seasons especially in the fall. The crisp air is so fresh and exhilarating along with the beauty of God’s handiwork.

For those that live in a region of the world where you’re fortunate to experience four seasons, you know how incredible it can be to see the change unfold before your eyes. When you really stop to think about it, one moment it is hotter than hot and then before you know it it’s chilly in the mornings. Frost on the windshield soon turns to ice and snow. Then before long the trees begin to bud and the grass comes alive and

Embrace each season in your life with faith in God and allow Him to mold you and grow you through it. (tweet)

turns a vibrant green. God transform the scenery all year long displaying the miracle of His hands.

In scripture we see Jesus using the natural examples to reprimand the people for not being aware and knowing the seasons that they were living in. In Matt 16:3-4 we read, “You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.” Most of us can get it right in depicting the seasons and times of nature but are clueless when it comes to the season of life. Yet God desires us to understand spiritual seasons. It says in 1 Chron 12:32, that the family of Issachar knew the times and what to do in them.

We are gripped as we read the changing seasons in the story of Joseph. His life is laid out before us in Gen. 37-50. It starts out with his youthfulness being mixed with coddling parents and sibling jealousies that ends him in a deep dark pit. Then he is sold into the fast pace of being chained to an employer and through the wrong doing of others is thrust into prison. I am sure he had much time to recount his past and think of all the wrong that he had experience by others. He could have gotten bitter and went through these seasons blaming others but throughout his story we come across where let’s us know that he trusted in God’s providence.

Like nature some of the seasons in our lives can be harsher and more rugged than others, as well as, some can be joyful and relaxing. But if you don’t have the

It might not always be easy but, “Seasons of life have a way of seasoning our life”.   –(tweet) 

understanding that seasons are a part of life, you can become devastated and hinder your future. Only when we have confidence in the leadership of Jesus and trust Him with our lives will we have hope for change in our current situation.

I am told that the Spring winds play an important role for trees to begin their next growing season. The winds cause the roots to be agitated which causes the sap to rise up through the trunk causing the barren branches to produce its leaves. Likewise, I believe it is very healthy to understand that our life’s journey is filled with different seasons that God uses to work for His providence in us as well. Therefore, let us embrace each season in our lives with faith in God and allow Him to mold us and grow us into His image. It might not always be easy but “Seasons of life have a way of seasoning our life”.



1 thought on “Seasons of Life will Mold Us and Grow Us!

  1. So true. I’m very grateful for a God that loves me, so much that he does not give me what I want when I want. Joseph, as I was reading today was faithful in slavery as well as in power. Joseph submitted to authority in and through all times with respect. Then I saw how God used him to prepare a whole region for the coming drought season.Trust in the Lord,It’s where it’s at!!!


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