When you get Bucked off the Horse… get back on!

RODEO: MAY 10 Mother Lode Round-upNot everyone can say they have been bucked off a horse during their life. Well, it would seem that not only was it a “right of passage” in my upbringing but it was something that happened more than once. Even though my father had a talent for training and breaking horses. I had just the opposite effect on them. Whatever the reason might have been, whether the horse was ornery, poorly synched or just a wild hair, I’ve landed on the ground more than I would like to admit. But my father’s words

Just because you get bucked off the horse doesn’t mean you don’t get back on!    (tweet)

always echoed in my mind, “Bill, you must get back on”. His point being, if you allow the fear of “what if it happens again” keep you down, you will never get back on and enjoy the ride.

Over the years, many believers have been bucked off the wall of their responsibility as intercessory prayer warriors. Many have become discouraged from not seeing prayers answered; some have fallen asleep spiritually or grown spiritually weak and frustrated. But now is the time to shake off the spirit of fear, rejection and apathy and get back on the wall as intercessors and watchmen. For God has called you in these crucial days to be alert and watchful more than ever before in behalf of His people.

Just like getting bucked off of a horse—it is essential to get back on. Enough is enough! Whatever has caused you to be distracted, whether just or unjust, your fault or someone else’s, bottom line is it has knocked you out of your post,! The Father is lovingly saying, you must get back on the wall and fulfill your responsibility.

If the wall is broken down and needs restored, we must roll up our sleeves and build it back up. When Hezekiah saw the enemy’s onslaught, he realized the need to strengthen himself and his kingdom, (II Chron. 32:5). Things had gotten relaxed, the walls had eroded and were weakened; therefore, the King was alerted to set things in order. Where the walls of protection had fallen down, he restored and reinforced them to proper strength. He even added an additional wall so that His kingdom would be protected against the enemy.

Likewise, Nehemiah directed the people of God and their families to work at building their section of the wall. They worked with one hand and held a weapon in the other (Neh. 4:16-20). In the same manner, it is time for you and I to restore the walls of protection and defense, positioning ourselves as watchmen. Remember, if you stay off the horse, fear will over take and keep you from the joy of the ride.

Therefore, I encourage you to jump with both feet back into the vast satisfaction of communing with the creator of the universe and the lover of your soul. When the veil in the temple was torn from the top to the bottom, it was an invitation from Heaven to you and me to come into His presence. He desires to share His heart with us. He desires that we would come into a place of intimacy with Him so that He might reveal the secrets of His heart with us not letting anything interfere.

Say this prayer with me… Lord, help me to get back up and position myself on the wall as a watchman crying out day and night before You. Help me not to become fearful or discouraged as I serve your people and this generation as your ambassador.



1 thought on “When you get Bucked off the Horse… get back on!

  1. Pastor Bill…your story and the scripture came to me just at the time I needed to read it. God has bless you, your family and your congregation…and all who have been touched by you in one way or another. Richard.


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