Cutting Corners will Always Catch Up with You Later

Atlanta Braves v Chicago White SoxStranger things have happened, but the story we read in Gen 16 can definitely be counted among that category. We drop in on a story that started much earlier with the God of the universe putting a divine stamp or call on Abraham and his wife Sarah. God had called them out from among their own people to a land that they had not been and then downloads a promise that they are going to be blessed beyond measure (Gen 12:1-3), as well as, their own personal family to be numbered as the stars of the sky (Gen 15:5). In Gen 16:1-2, 4 we read, “…Abram’s wife, had borne him no children…” which at this point had been some time from God’s initial promise.

In verse 4 we are introduced to Sarai’s impatience as she tries to help God fulfill His promise. As nice as that might seem, helping God out can get one in a bigger mess

Sweeping God’s Commands Under the Rug of our lives will only trip us up Later   (tweet)

then you might want. Sarai offers her Egyptian maid to take her place and conceive a child for her husband. Let me just say, men that’s when you step up and say no my dearest wife, never! But on the contrary Abram agreed and soon Hagar the maid became pregnant and the turmoil has never ended.

Through cutting corners and not allowing God’s perfect plan to be manifest, they birthed a son named Ishmael that until this day has produce conflict against God’s plan and agenda. In the same manner most of us have stepped in and tried to “help God out” as if He can’t do it Himself. When we do this we often cut some corners and even sweep the very commands of God under the rug. Everything might look good and clean from the outside but in all actuality it is filthy and sooner or later you will trip over it.

Jesus says to the religious leaders in Matt 23:23-24, they need to follow all of His statues not just some. In other words, don’t cut corners putting yourself in a bigger mess.       We are exhorted in James 1:22-25 to “be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves”. In my own words let me say it like this, “Quit listening to

Don’t Cut Corners when it comes to God’s Promises        (tweet)

great sermons and teaching and saying amen and telling the preacher how good it is, but not applying it to your life. God’s word should move us to a point of change and being aligned to it. Unfortunately, our communities and churches are full of people that say they’re believers who hear the message but never change.

We want the promises of God and the reward of being a follower of Christ. But when our life is a little uncomfortable or we are going through a difficult time waiting on God’s fulfillment of the promises we begin to cut corners and sweep some of the commands of God under the rug. You say how? Thank you for asking. Well, there are many but let me say just a few. How about where it says be faithful to gathering with the believers (Heb.10:25). Maybe you fudge when it comes to being holy like He is holy (2 Pet. 1:16) or here’s one for you, how about bringing your tithe into the storehouse (Mal. 3:10)? If you are immediately resisting and coming up with rebuttal as you read this it might be a sign that you have been allowing that pet monster of self control to deceive you into cutting corners and sweeping things under the rug thinking it’s easier. Just something to think about?




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