We can’t Just Sit Here until we Die

INDIA-SOCIETY         I remember while I was in junior high school, I tried out for the basketball team. Though I made the team, it was to my disappointment that I was only good enough to be on the B-team. The coach challenged us saying that if we worked hard in practice that we might get promoted up to the A-team. I took the challenge to heart and began to practice my hardest, only to find that I was still on the secondary team.   After several weeks had gone by, with no advancement, I began to let my disappointment get the best of me. I soon began to settle for my lot in life, so I thought, and got content with being on the B-team, not trying anymore to be promoted. I knew at least I would get a letter at the awards banquet for participating.

Paul let us know our journey in this life wasn’t going to be a cake walk. For he said in 2 Timothy 4:7, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” He let us know we would have to fight, signifying it was an aggressive

Why should we settle for anything less than God’s best?     (tweet)

action to achieve God’s plan for our life. When you are willing to settle for the good instead of going for the best, the good has become the enemy of the best   The church has settled for the good meetings and good conferences for too long. We have allowed ourselves to settle for the average growth rate and average impact instead of going for God’s best! God’s best is God’s outpouring of revival on his church. Why should we settle for anything less than God’s best? What would happen if the church would get sick of being complacent and satisfied and quit bowing down to the norm of our society? Let’s look at a story in 2 Kings 6: 24–29; 7: 1–8, where Syria laid siege to the city of Samaria. In the midst of devastation, the man of God speaks the word of the Lord, declaring that deliverance was at hand. Then the scripture zooms in on four lepers sitting outside the city gate, for the law commanded them to dwell alone and outside the camp. Though their situation was beyond despair, they came to realization that staying where they were sitting was definitely death, so they said to one another, “Why are we sitting here until we die?” and began to head toward the enemy’s’ camp. The Lord amplified their steps to sound like an army coming as they walked. The Syrians arose and fled for their lives, causing the camp to be empty and full of provisions when the four lepers arrived. The lepers, being convicted went to tell the King’s household. This resulted in the whole city being blessed and delivered from their hopelessness. These four lepers decided not to be satisfied where they were, but made a decision to get up and move ahead. Even with a little uncertainty, God still moved supernaturally in their behalf. Their personal needs were met above and beyond all they could ask or even think. The blessing didn’t stop with them but flowed over to the whole city, bringing a great deliverance that day! All because of four helpless, disease-infested lepers made a decision to get out of their complacency and faced the enemy head-on. multitudes of people were set free from the bondage of despair. It’s time that the church makes a decision to rise up and face the enemy, allowing God to move through us!

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