I might be tired but I am not Done!

images-36What seemed to be so natural and come so easy growing up, now seems to be a monumental achievement. One of those things for me is when I would walk the water ditch to the intake and clear out any blockages. That was a common occurrence since we lived in the mountains and received our water supply out of the “good ole mountain crick”. Back then I would run up to the ditch with no problem, but recently when I was back home “reality hit” when I had decided to make the climb for memory sake. Well, I sure couldn’t run up anything and actually thought someone would have to carry me out on a stretcher.

In the same manner, I have many friends that have run the Christian race tenaciously much of their lives, but now they’re out of the race all together. It reminds me of the scriptural story of King David, who we all agree was an incredible

There might be bumps, ruts and even some curves but Jesus is cheering you on in your race.

example of a “more than conqueror” as we are exhorted in Rom. 8:37 to be. In this passage he was once again fighting giants, but now finds himself struggling for the victory that in times past came easily. We read in 2 Sam 21:15- 17 that Abishai, Joab’s brother jumps in to rescue the King and spare his life.

In our lives also there will be a time that spiritually and physically you will not be as strong as you once were in your journey. That can be because of a lot of different circumstances, whether because of unforeseen events or maybe because of a season of apathy in your life. Bottom line is it doesn’t have to be the end of your journey. You might be tired but that doesn’t mean you’re done! God has ordained you to finish strong and fulfill His purposes, like David did. (Acts 13:36) There might be bumps, ruts and even some curves but Jesus is cheering you on in your race. The heavenly cloud of witnesses (Heb.12:1) are some of your biggest fans and cheerleaders.

I remember my coach in high school would always say to the team “pace yourselves”. He knew the game was going to be a tough long game, therefore if we were going to finish victoriously we would have to give ourselves times of refreshing and rest.

When David and his warriors were younger and in one of the fights of their life we see a great principle that we all need to take to heart and implement in our journey. It says in 1 Sam. 30:10, “David pursued, he and four hundred men; for two hundred stayed behind, who were so weary that they could not cross the Brook Besor”. One third of David’s mighty warriors were so physically and emotionally

You might be tired but that doesn’t mean you’re done!

weary that they couldn’t pursue and fight the Amalekites, who had taken their families captive. Yet, in the midst of this urgent dilemma we read that after recovery of their families that David stops any condemnation and shares the spoils of war with those that stayed with the stuff. (1 Sam. 30:22-24)

Paul tells the Galatians not to grow exhausted to the point of quitting, for we will reap the benefits if we stay in the game. (Gal 6:9) Paul also told the young church at Thessalonica to tenderly encourage those that were apt to quit along the way. (1 Thess. 5:14) Just like some of David’s warriors we might get exhausted and need to rest, but that doesn’t mean we will lose out of the benefits of the war. I encourage you to pace yourselves and finish strong in the faith!

Who really Cares if I can’t Fit into Skinny Jeans Anyway?

dv1560020The incoming tide in church growth seminars and articles circulating seem to be insinuating that the older generation needs to throw in the towel and move aside for the younger. The words not relevant, out of date, and even old fashion seem to be push buttons in the realm of the “Church Growth World”.

Many older individuals feel their being moved out as if it’s over for them. Possibly, like the 77-year-old Mississippi man who supposedly was dead, but comes back to life in a claustrophobic body bag! That’s scary to say the least. And I can’t even begin to think what the funeral home worker must have thought when the body in the bag began to thrash around as he was moving it to the embalming room. Doctors, County Coroner and family were thinking they were going to bury this man, but God evidently wasn’t finished with him yet.

Don’t pack my office and spend your inheritance quite yet. I am still here!  (tweet)

I myself might be getting slower and at times maybe even get in a rut, but the reality is that I’m just now figuring things out. I have gone from being a cool and almost crazy youth pastor who thought I knew everything, to becoming a little older with less hair and a little more weight, but definitely a lot more knowledge and wisdom.

Most of my close colleagues seem to be saying the same thing. We spend much of our years doing what someone else has told us to do, such as, professors, board members and disgruntle church people, who have never actually done it themselves. Then, on top of that we stumble through our own mistakes to finally reach our prime in life only for those same people to say, “it’s time to get out of the way for the younger generation”!

I know there are some outstanding young ministers around that have some amazing churches and ministries. I’m totally for them and possibly their biggest cheerleader. Yes they are probably more relevant and cooler then I am, but please don’t put me out to pasture. I might be old but I’ am not dead!

Sinking to the depths of misery I cried out in prayer… “God, are you done with me?” Then out of that dark pit of despair came from heaven a loving reminder of so many “giants of faith” in the scripture! Moses who just started to accomplish God’s calling at eighty years and lets not leave out Caleb who still had a fight in him at that same age. How about John on the island of Patmos and Daniel when they received their visitations and encounters from God? Can you say really old? Even Paul lived a long and incredibly productive life impacting generations down through history.

I totally understand mentoring and raising up the next generation, but “whoa Nellie”! I am not dead! Don’t pack my office and spend your inheritance quite yet.

Please don’t put me out to pasture. I might be old but I’ am not dead   (tweet)

I actually believe I might have finally gotten to a place in my life where I can be more effective. I am more relaxed, more confident and not so influenced by every bandwagon that comes down the pike. I think I will stay around for a bit longer and not let my society go down the drain just because there are some trying to be more like the world inside the church. I have decided a little gray in my hair looks good and who really cares if I can’t fit into skinny jeans anyway?