The Mountain Experience

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Oct 5th – 13th …  I was on the Mountain in a time of “Prayer & Fasting” standing in the gap for many of you and to hear from God!

  • I had asked people to Join me in this time of Fasting & Prayer,  Calling it “Give Me My Mountain” – Prayer & Fasting.    Oct 7th – 13th
  • I invite you to Experience the Adventure with me as i chronicled it with Daily Videos and pictures…    


It snowed much of the time that I spent on the Summit in someway or other…   

IMG_1576But on two of  the days it was literally blizzard  conditions, making me have to come down to my base camp and keep close to the fire.  





This is Surrender Piont, 

where 39 yrs ago (Oct. 1980)   1a 1 mt IMG_1504

 God encountered me in a very special way.  Some time back I erected a cross as a memorial of that encounter. 

The result of that encounter many years ago was surrendering my life fully to Christ’s will and be willing to go wherever He wanted me to go and do whatever He wanted me to do… 

So over the past many years i have come back here to renew my commitment that i made.  I WANT TO BE FOUND FAITHFUL and fulfill HIS purposes like David!    

  1a 1a mt IMG_1517


When it wasn’t snowing heavenly there was a beautiful Full Moon at night with several nights temperatures dropping to close to 0 degrees.





Pictures from the beginning of the week before the snow  blew in.    








The Snow reveals who’s creeping around … close by my camp.  The bears and cougars love the snow…


  1aaa 1aa 1mt IMG_1585

The cougar must have gotten saved at the CROSS!

Some more Random Shots!!!!!!


There’s nothing like getting to the top of your Summit to see God’s Awesomeness!

I want to say thank You to all Those that participated with me in  this “Give Me My Mountain” prayer & fasting.   And also all those who entrusted us to send your prayer needs in for us to agree with you.  What a Great Honor!  —- Thank You!

If you have any comments or Questions please let me know …. 


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