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Joining together

as we reach our Summit through Prayer and Fasting… 

Just like climbing a physical mountain is hard work…so is climbing the mountains of resistance in our lives. God wants us to achieve His promises for our lives. Fasting will disconnects us from the things in the world that hold us back and Prayer connects us with God’s help.

  It’s time to Take your Mountain! 

Snow! and more snow. 

It snowed before i got up on the summit and then the mountain top was socked in for three of the days that I was there. Up on the Pointe, with the wind it was blizzard like.  


I had to bring out the old reliable Cowboy Hat   

… And the cheap poncho to keep the snow and moisture off my neck.  It’s looking a lot like Christmas? I might bust out with making a Snow man?   Ok… Really back to reality. Go get some wood and keep the fire going.


  If we yield ourselves to Him… He will use us anywhere.

Divine Appointments in the middle of Nowhere. Incredible!  He can use Anyone Anywhere


This was my Home on the Mountain. 

              The Camp Tour.



 Step by Step… thats how you climb a mountain!

One step at a time!

Why I go to the Mountain to Pray and Fast…   

In October of 1980 I was up on the a ridge that i now call “Surrender Piont”. I went up to hunt and was just sitting looking out over the vas country and the Spirit of the Lord began to come upon me and move me. I began to commune and talk with the Lord… (listen to the 2 min video for more)